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Interfaces Cliniques

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Interfaces Cliniques

Basic to clinical research activities are presently dispersed in the teams and not supported by a specific structure. Our goal is to support projects at the interface between fundamental and clinic researches in order to promote activities of researcher having projects on the border between these two areas. Clinical services seek us to improve methods of diagnostics, experiment therapeutic mechanisms, explain side effects from therapy, and identify new therapeutic targets. The interface must give to fundamental researcher opportunity to experiment and conversely to train physician to basic science.
The results gained in teams on the “Site Nord de Marseille” are already distinguished in several areas :
• The neuroendocrine pathologies as hypophyseal adenomas and congenital hypophyseal deficits (Service d’Endocrinologie, AP-HM, Bernard Conte-Delvox, Centre de Référence des Pathologies Hypophysaires, AP-HM, Thierry Brue, and the Unité Fonctionnelle de Biologie Moléculaire, AP-HM, Alain Enjalbert).
• Autoimmune diseases of the nervous system, as multiple sclerosis, peripheral demyelinating diseases (Unité Fonctionnelle de Neuroimmunologie, AP-HM, Pierre Bongrand, José Boucraut) and the molecular diagnosis of the Lambert-Eaton disease and autoimmune diseases against ion channels (U641, Neurobiologie des Canaux ioniques),
• Neurotoxins, ion channels and synaptic transmission (for diagnosis and new therapeutic approaches, U641, Neurobiologie des Canaux ioniques),
• The respiratory and skeletal muscle disorders (Service d’Exploration Fonctionnelle Respiratoire, AP-HM, Yves Jammes).
• Somatic and visceral pain (Service de Chirurgie Infantile, AP-HM, Pierre Alessandrini, and Service d’Hépato-Gastro Entérologie, AP-HM, Jean-Charles Grimaud),
• The gastrointestinal disorders (Service d’Hépato-Gastro-Entérologie, AP-HM, Jean-Charles Grimaud).

The interface structure will be constructed step by step as and as project emerged. In a first step project concerns gastrointestinal disorders.

Projets et Equipes :

Equipe M. Bouvier

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