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Transgenèse CTA

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Animal and Transgenic facility

The transgenic core facility comprises three areas satistying current regulatory requirements.

  • A conventional housing area of 550 m2
  • A transgenic area of 180 m2 comprising a fully equiped laboratory for microinjections of DNA or ES cells (a reverse microscope with microinjector and micromanipulators, a micropipette puller and a microforge), an incubator, a dual entry autoclave
  • An A2 area, distant from the two other areas, and equiped for short-term experiments involving the use of viral vectors.

CTA Partners

The CRN2M in numbers

  • 20 Researchers
  • 19 Enseignants Chercheurs
  • 39 Technicians and Assistants
  • 3 Post-Docs
  • 5 Docs
  • 4 Master Students

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